Overlooking pristine Blue Mountain Lake, the Minnowbrook main lodge and the surrounding buildings stand on 28 acres of fragrant woodland, where tree-lined paths lead to well-equipped meeting rooms and recreation areas. Here the melding of two worlds creates a rarefied atmosphere that softens restraint and allows conference participants to overcome barriers. “What if…” and “Why not…” are heard across a billiard table and on the patio overlooking the lake as often as they are in the conference room. This retreat is designed to foster creative conferencing. Its seclusion and comfort encourage people to relax and think outside the box.

A few days at Minnowbrook can result in more consensus and optimism than weeks of meetings elsewhere. Goal setting, planning and understanding the big picture seem less strenuous here, away from interruptions and distractions.

The Minnowbrook staff is quietly thorough. Guests see only the results of attention to detail: wonderful meals, hot coffee for meeting recesses, crisply tended rooms, and late-night snacks. Cozy fireplaces encourage informal gatherings and lend cheerful warmth to chilly mountain nights.

Minnowbrook and the staff set the stage for a successful meeting. You need only supply the players.

In the news: In July 2022, a meditation retreat held at the Minnowbrook Conference Center was featured in LOCAL ADK magazine. The article emphasizes the quiet of the center, and the immersion in the natural world that the retreat offers.

The article can be read in full on the magazine’s website.